Dichotomy of ADHD

I wanted to show both sides of ADHD positive and negative. A single person could be experiencing both at any given moment. Braden Young

Adhd: It’s Very ADHD and Me

I love have having adhd but my picture represents the brain looking thing is a d for that’s were adhd comes from and the ? Signs in the other d means I forget a lot of things and the persons head means people with adhd live in there own world and his head is his … Read more

Alison’s Room

My installation is the realisation have ADHD. My ex wrote a song “Alison’s Room.” Which is played on repeat. Im claiming my room. Jane Rees


Vista by Emily Chen

Vista My world is intensely colorful and ever-changing. Sometimes the chaos ignites a spark, which grows into a flame and brings some light into this world. Emily Chen

I am 5

I am 5 by Mel Hartsorn

I am 5 This artwork is a portrait of my son aged 5 when we were going through diagnosis and the drama we dealt with at pre-school then starting school. Mel Hartsorn

Lost in Chaos

Lost in Chaos

Lost in Chaos I have had ADHD my whole life not Diagnosed Till age 25 I am now 45 this drawing was when I medicated I am now back on Dexamphetamine Kirsten Armstrong

Dr Hallowell – ADHD Awareness Month Tip

What’s one of the best, and yet rarely recognized or discussed, ADHD management tools? Ongoing creative outlets. [gravityform id=”51″ title=”false” description=”false”] Submitted by: Edward Hallowell, M.D. Professional Category: Submitted 2018

Could You Have ADHD? How Do You Fare on These 3 Indicators?

Melissa Orlov, marriage consultant of ADHDMarriage.com, invites you to see if her 3 potential indicators of ADHD apply to you [gravityform id=”55″ title=”false” description=”false”] Submitted by: Melissa Orlov Professional Category: Submitted 2018