Which is better for treating ADHD? Medicate or not?

Both have value in the treatment of ADHD

Medications and non-medication, often lifestyle, approaches have their roles to play in a treatment plan for ADHD. Often, the two approaches support one another, making each more affective. Samuele Cortese, MD, PhD discusses the roles of both.

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My Child Has ADHD. Could I Have It, Too?

Symptoms to Look For and Steps to Take

Many parents, and aunts and uncles, will begin to look at their own life’s history when their child has been diagnosed with ADHD. They recognize the symptoms of ADHD have been present in their own lives and may be the cause of some of their experiences and struggles. It’s common for parents and family members to seek their own evaluation when a child is first diagnosed with ADHD. J. Faye Dixon, PhD gives some pointers.

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How to Cope with ADHD

At age 18, I was diagnosed with ADHD. Here is how I cope. First: yoga, deep breathing and stretching. Slowing down my breathing dissipates negativity and I transform into a happy-go-lucky person. The stretching and yoga gives me body space, flexibility and raises dopamine levels. What could be better? Second: address fear and trauma. During … Read more

You Matter

a poem on pink

You Matter The image attached is a short poem I wrote about ADHD, in my experience. Anali Ramirez

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Self-Portrait in Orange

Self-Portrait in Orange The ADHD letters are easy to miss if you’re distracted by cool pose. Sometimes, you only see ADHD symptoms if you know how to look for them. Laurel Cox

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Random find in my favorite place, outside.

baseball and pearls in flowers

Random find in my favorite place, outside. I feel random, like I don’t belong. Sometimes I try, sometimes I fly, but sometimes I fall. It’s okay, because I know I am hard. Sarah

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Losing My Shame

For so long, I bought into the labels given me – “space-cadet,” “blonde,” “day dreamer,” “inattentive,” and “careless.” I heard the words of my father in my head, “Sherri, remember to engage your brain BEFORE…” If only it were that easy. I continually lost and misplaced things, forgot important dates, and left projects half finished … Read more

Knitting for Attention

When I was younger I had trouble focusing in class. Even if I was interested I just couldn’t pay attention. Everything was too long, and had too much or not enough detail. It became more of a problem in Uni where you had to sit like an adult and not play on your phone. After … Read more