The Revelation of A Lateral Mind

The positive difference in my life after receiving a late diagnosis of ADHD at age 35 as a Family Physician has been incredible. Primarily, I have had increased level of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Being able to understand the cause of many of my behavior patterns (time management, task initiation and organization struggles) has helped me … Read more

How can I improve communication at work?

Requesting accomodations might not be an option

Having ADHD can make communication difficult in the workplace. Requesting accommodations isn’t always an option. Melissa Orlov offers some ideas on how you can address ADHD challenges to communication and productivity without using ADHD as an excuse.

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ADHD Feelings

ADHD drawing

ADHD Feelings It explains everything that goes on in my head and body because of my ADHD Finnley Hardy

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Where to start

drawing with woman

Where to start? Make a list. Where did I put my colored pens? That’s a lot of starting points! This is how it looks in my head. I need to get dressed. Dalphine

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ADHD ruined my life & saved it

My parents enrolled me in acting classes at 3 as a way of managing my ‘inability to stay still for any length of time.’ I was diagnosed with ADHD at 13; it came as no surprise to my parents. Being a performer on stage has been my mainstay; I have experienced much anguish & turbulence … Read more

ADHD and Leadership

I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 25. I was working as a sales rep, then a forklift driver, then a shop assistant then I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I’d always hyper focused on creating 3D art as a hobby and one day after being fired from a job, I begged … Read more

ADHD, PhD, & Meds

Growing up, ADHD was still stigmatized so it was treated as a “personality” problem & told things like, “girls don’t have ADHD” & “you can’t have ADHD, you’re smart.” So, like many others, I did my best to blend in & find tricks to keep myself “normal” & survive like tapping my feet & submerging … Read more

How does distraction challenge a relationship when a partner has ADHD?

Misinterpretation of patterns cause problems

Becoming aware of patterns in a relationship when a partner has ADHD can help the relationship remain healthy. Symptoms such as distraction can cause hurt feelings when not recognized and addressed by both partners. Melissa Orlov encourages partners to use the tools of good communication to address patterns caused by ADHD.

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