Focus Doodles

pencil drawings of faces

This is a compilation of my doodles, drawn to help me focus in meetings and classes. Except for the doodle of my dog Ryder, the people are imaginary. Andy Lang

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Red Clovers

flower on log

I took this picture today, wondering in the middle of a field. I felt calm and free and forgot all about my ADHD. Sometimes it’s nice to let go. Sailamaria

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Sowing Still 2

Abstract art

Showing myself my emotions. Allows me to sow the seed Now grounds me Allowing me to grow. My ADHD my work is a little manic and beautiful. Aimee Timpson

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Image of space

The photo depicts a complex of nebulae in the Orion constellation. Astrophotography is my ADHD hyper-focus driven passion and I love to share it Jan Ossowski

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Caged In Class

My work shows the way I feel in the class room setting, defeated, and caged, unable to express myself the way I know I was born too. Let me out!!! Maggie Costello

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Dichotomy of ADHD

I wanted to show both sides of ADHD positive and negative. A single person could be experiencing both at any given moment. Braden Young

Adhd: It’s Very ADHD and Me

I love have having adhd but my picture represents the brain looking thing is a d for that’s were adhd comes from and the ? Signs in the other d means I forget a lot of things and the persons head means people with adhd live in there own world and his head is his … Read more

Alison’s Room

My installation is the realisation have ADHD. My ex wrote a song “Alison’s Room.” Which is played on repeat. Im claiming my room. Jane Rees


This painting I created, represents myself being/feeling trapped in my overactive thoughts and unable to find the exit to peace Abbie James

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