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How does ADHD show up in your life?

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A video is often the best way to tell the story of your experience or your tip for success.

Use the form here to submit a video related to one of these four categories:

  • ADHD Evaluation
  • ADHD Treatment
  • ADHD Family Life
  • ADHD Adults

Check out some videos previously submitted.

A few examples of previous submissions are below.

Myth busters 2.0: Bad Parenting
I made this video myself using Lego figure to represent a person with ADHD.

Meeky’s ADHD Awareness Month Video

A short recount of my experience discovering I have ADHD earlier this year.

The Journey of a Mind
A frame-by-frame animation project that tells of the struggles and challenges faced as a university student with ADHD.

The ADD Couple

This video is us — the ADD Couple — sharing one of our favorite tips that has helped make our life a little easier and our goals more achievable.

Puggy Head

Breaking News: ADHDers have mini slot machines in their heads…!

Setting the Record Straight
Taking the theme of this years ADHD awareness contest of Setting the Record Straight and this little awareness video was born